Polypropylene Filter Cloth

Polypropylene (PP) Filter Cloth

POLYESTER FILTER CLOTHPolypropylene (PP) filter cloth can be divided into PP stable fiber filter clothPP long thread filter cloth and PP monofilament filter cloth to meet different filtration purposes.Polypropylene filter cloth with Max operating temperature 90℃, has the properties of acid-resistance, alkali-resistance and small specific gravity . It is mainly used in precision chemical, dye chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and mining. The filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns.


  • Sleekness surface for optimum cake release;
  • Shorten filter cycle;
  • Lightest weight among synthetic fabrics;
  • Excellent gas permeability;
  • Free of mildew and oxidation;
  • Good resistance against acids, alkalis and reducing agents;
  • Available for large to fine particle filtration.


  • Acid-resistance
  • Alkali-resistance
  • Small specific gravity
  • High tensile strength
  • Wear resistant


Liquid-solid separation and dust collection. Mainly used in precision chemical industry, Sugar-refinery, Pharmaceutical, mining, wastewater treatment and mining , etc for equipments of frame filter press, belt filters, blend belt filter, disc filters, drum filters, centrifuge filters, etc.


Polypropylene filter cloth can be made into three types, PP stable fiber filter cloth, PP long thread filter cloth and PP monofilament filter cloth.More information you can reading….

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We can weave different Denier fibre/yarn into different weaving (plain ,twill ,satin ) to form different filter efficiency cloth and meet requirements from different customers ,also we can make as offered sample of filter cloth !

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